Zoom Sumo Vase, Slim - White
Zoom Sumo Vase, Slim - White

Sumo Vase, Slim - White


Sumo celebrates the human body. As a reference to the Japanese sport Sumo, all vases are voluminous in size and shape, resting on top of narrow pointing legs. All vases have different openings from the traditional narrow vase openings to double openings and deep carved openings.

The Sumo collection looks at the contrast between familiar vase shapes and the addition of more artistic, abstract ideas and details, questioning our individual perceptions of the shape of a vase.

The Sumo collection is designed as a standalone artistic object yet forming a united family of objects when gathered. Your choice. 

Not waterproof safe. 

14.76" H x 9.5" W x 10.5" L

 1 week lead time


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