Zoom Large Vase by Nobue Iberaki

Large Vase by Nobue Iberaki

Ibaraki’s hand-built earthenware works are made using clay from Tajimi, near Kyushu volcano. The clay and natural glazes contain minerals, cobalt, copper and other metal oxides, which chemically react during firing, creating extraordinary metallic-looking surfaces evocative of buried treasure. Curves and circles are integral to Ibaraki’s vessels, which display a concern with a balance in the void and the solid. 

Handmade in Japan.

Materials: Glazed earthenware

Method: Hand-built

Colours Available: Ecru

Please indicate which colour and style you'd like when emailing us to place an order. 

This is a one-of-a-kind item and therefore each one is unique. Variations in color, texture, size, and shape should be expected.


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