Bauwerk FAQ

Lead time?
1 week - 1 week ½  as this ships from Germany

How much do I need?
250ml: 10 sq ft
1L: 54 sq ft
5L: 215 sq ft
10: 538 sq ft
1:1 Bauwerk Colour to Prep Coat. 

You may need more or less depending on your desired outcome. We always recommend 3 coats of limewash, but more saturated colours can reach your desired look with just 2 coats.

What do I need?
Bauwerk Brush
Limewash Prep-coat

Do I need to use a Bauwerk Colour paint brush?

Lime paint has a much different consistency than that of other paints, which is why a brush designed for lime paint is important for proper application. Using this brush will decrease the loose fibres left in the paint and avoid stroke lines in the final finish.

Do I need to use Bauwerk Colour’s Prep-coat or can I use any ordinary primer?
The prep-coat would be required, yes, as this prevents the paint from absorbing into the wall and gives the limewash proper adhesion. You will notice a big difference in texture and colour with the prep-coat. Limewash is a water-based paint, so drywall really just absorbs the paint like a sponge.

* If your walls are previously coloured or are darker than the lime paint colour you will be applying, we recommend priming with a generic primer first.

How much prep-coat do I need?
One coat of prep is all you need on white walls, and you do not have to sand it after - that's typically used for plasterwork. The only thing I would recommend is if there are areas of repair or drywall, that you sand these down and remove all dirt/debris. The paint is very thin and shows all scuffs, bumps, etc. This will lead to the best result.

What samples are available to help me choose a colour?
We offer 3 options for purchase:
Colour Cards 
250 ml sample pots
Fan Decks or a Master Colour Book (ideal for interior design/architecture firms)

1. Wipe down walls to clear any dust or dirt.
2. Apply the Bauwerk Colour Limewash Prep-coat. Do not use any other prep-coat, as this is specifically formulated for proper adhesion and setting of the lime paint.
3. Once your prep-coat has set, apply your Bauwerk Colour with a Bauwerk lime paint brush, developed specifically for proper application.
4. Do not cut in the lime paint - always work with a wet edge. The paint should be applied in a loose criss-cross style for a "cloud-like" appearance.
5. The paint will appear darker when wet. Do not overcompensate by adding more paint. Allow wall to dry fully (min. 2 hours) before adding another coat.
6. The paint cures by taking carbon dioxide from the air. Millions of micro-crystals are formed when curing occurs, creating a unique luminosity and depth of colour.

Bauwerk Colour Video: How To:


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