Elisa Uberti

After working many years in the Fashion industry, and driven by an immoderate passion for refined and timeless objects, Elisa Uberti naturally decided to turn up to craftsmanship. Sensitive to the beauty of ceramics and handicrafts, she feels the need for a creative freedom and a return to simplicity

Artist and Designer, since 2018 she’s working from her workshop based in Roubaix.

She is mainly using stoneware, her favorite material, which she models to create sculptural design with curved and comforting shapes testifying to an ancestral manual gesture. Her works form a particular microcosm, far from standardization. A refined universe with multiple mineral and organic inspirations, such as nature, nomadism, architecture and the poetry of space. Her work, between art and design, unites tradition and modernity, and is a constant research of volumes and emotional shapes.

A subtle balance between the rigor of technical constraints and the necessary freedom and spontaneity of the gesture.



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