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Black Wasser IV


These works focus on the combination and fusion of the past and present, the near and the far, the natural and the human, intertwining what is other and what is one's self. In all of them, Franchy re-examines the images and texts of the archive, repeating them, reproducing them and reprinting them, while juxtaposing and complicating the relationships of localities, architectures and landscapes with which she identifies, as well as of time, creating new and strange topographies always animated by a sort of precarious balance, quasi-apocalyptic and dense, even when transparent and dispersed; a signifying framework giving shape to a physical as well as mental construction. 

About the Artist
Nicole Franchy (Lima, 1977) Studies at the School of Visual Arts Corriente Alterna, she moved to Belgium in 2010 where she graduated from the HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Belgium. From 2015 to 2017 she was a resident at the ISCP International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York and in 2018 she did Art Omi, Upstate NY

Available In
2.6mt x 3.30mt Canvas Photo Collage
110cm x 140cm Inkjet Print on Cotton Paper


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