Zoom Clay Series Sink - Circular Model I
Zoom Clay Series Sink - Circular Model I

Clay Series Sink - Circular Model I

Studio LoHo was founded by Karel Loontiens and Jo Hoeven. Focusing on material design that is both innovative and durable. Both founders operate upon the belief that there is no more room for the influx of disposable products, it is their goal to strive for design that will last and be cherished for multiple generations.

Studio LoHo Clay Series sinks are entirely made of clay. They are available in a wide range of colours, and can be produced bespoke. The interior is finished in a high-performance stucco lime render, that is also brought over the edge to form a “rim” on the exterior ceramic.

Made entirely by hand - please allow for some variation to occur.
8 base colours available - bespoke available on request.
Option to be mounted on custom pedestal from Studio LoHo, or as basin on vanity.

5.9" H x 15.7" D

12 - 14 weeks


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