Zoom LDBA Brooklyn Core Paint Kit
Zoom LDBA Brooklyn Core Paint Kit

LDBA Brooklyn Core Paint Kit


By L’ecole Des Beaux Arts. 
Why we love it: Materials used were chosen for their quality, durability, functionality and sustainability. All of their watercolour paints are handmade. It is composed of pure pigment mixed with natural watercolour medium; this gives the paint a rich, opaque, and pure quality. Their medium is from Germany and is made from stabilized Gum Arabic, (sap from the Acacia Tree), honey and glycerine. They use the finest natural, mineral, earth and some synthetic pigments from Italy, France, Germany, Mexico and India. They do not use any toxic ingredients. The paint is handmade in their studio in Maine.
This watercolour kit has everything you need to paint on the go. Perfect for beginners or professional artists, they have hand crafted and selected their favourite products from around the world.

Included in kit: 

Handmade LDBA porcelain palette
L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts handmade watercolor paints in travel case from Germany (14 color set: Venetian Pink, Austrian Red Slate, Venetian Red, Ocra Gialla, French Ochre, Nickel-Titanium Yellow, Nicosia Green, Verde Oliva, Turquoise, Ultra Blue, Real Indigo, Manganese Grey, Nero Roma, Graphite)
ESCODA Kolinsky hair travel brush in size 4
Hand Torn cold-pressed watercolor paper 12-pack


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