Zoom Scallop Vase - Palladium
Zoom Scallop Vase - Palladium

Scallop Vase - Palladium


Designed by artist Bari Ziperstein. Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is known for our experimentation and innovation with ceramics. The BZIPPY Fund is an annual distribution to arts-driven programs through grants and scholarships, aiming to support initiatives that foster community, education, and access.

Stoneware, underglaze, and glaze
Unlimited edition, individual vases are unique in size, glaze, and shape. Watertight, outdoor and indoor use.  Not meant for outdoor use in freezing temperatures, it will break. Well crafted in Los Angeles.

Colour: Palladium

10" x 11"

 8-10 weeks


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