Zoom Stone Series Bathtub - Large
Zoom Stone Series Bathtub - Large
Zoom Stone Series Bathtub - Large
Zoom Stone Series Bathtub - Large

Stone Series Bathtub - Large


Studio LoHo was founded by Karel Loontiens and Jo Hoeven. Focusing on material design that is both innovative and durable. Both founders operate upon the belief that there is no more room for the influx of disposable products, it is their goal to strive for design that will last and be cherished for multiple generations.

Made entirely by hand - please allow for some variation to occur.

The perfect bath requires the right stone. This stone was selected because of its beautiful texture along the outer wall where it feels very soft and closed at the same time on the inside.

The waste — a push-to-open system, is standardly finished in stone.

Hot water stays Hot - A frequently heard comment about stone baths is the rapidly falling temperature of the water. To prevent this, the bath was fitted with an internal heating element. The system does not heat the water but slows down the cooling.

22.44” H x  74.80” W x 33.46” D

8-12 weeks


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